2012 winter travels!

Right after it turned 2012, our family had some fun trips we took! Here's some pictures of some of the fun we have had.

We took a trip to see Nana in Missouri, and stopped at a real fort where they had cannons! It reminded me of learning in school about the Alamo.

During the trip home from Missouri, we stopped at the Petro truck stop in Joplin, Missouri. The lights they sell for the trucks are so cool!

We also visited Abilene Christian University where I saw some statues of little kids reading books. One day my mom and dad got me a new friend while we were out shopping. This is my furry friend named "Paws".

I had lot of fun playing Legos. We also took a fun trip to the C.R. Smith museum where I got to learn a lot of things about American Airlines.

We also had fun going to the movies. In February I got to see the Chipmunks movie, Chip-wrecked, and also got to see the Muppets.


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