Summer Vacation!

Our family had a totally awesome vacation in Florida! I really had a LOT of fun. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our vacation.

On the trip to Florida we were driving through Mississippi where I saw some awesome Caterpillar machines!

After driving some more we stopped in Alabama where I got to see a giant battleship, a submarine and some airplanes!

After driving some more, we got to our hotel and then we went to the beach! I liked playing in the sand, and I got a toy boat to play with.

During the day my Dad and I got to see the Naval Aviation Museum. This is at Pensacola, the home of the Blue Angels!

Inside the museum were a lot of ship models. I got to be on the deck of an aircraft carrier and fire the gun! It was a lot of fun.

On the way home we got to stop at the USS Kidd museum where I saw more ship models and explored the decks of the destroyer.

Our family also had a tour of a factory where they make real fire trucks! I got to sit in the driver seat of a REAL pumper!


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