Matt's Spring Vacation!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of my spring vacation.

The first stop of my spring vacation was a tour of the Blue Bell ice cream creamery in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. During the tour I flirted with the tour guide, opening doors for her, asking to hold her hand, and asking her a lot of questions about ice cream. At the end of the tour she gave me a free scoop of vanilla and a big hug!

After riding in the car for a long time, I got to see Texas! It's a lot of fun hanging on the fences and climbing the windmills in the country. I got a real hankrin' for some food, so we went to a good friend of my mom where we ate spaghetti and played with toy trucks. It was fun.

The next day we drove to the gulf coast and visited a really cool sea life center with my Nana. We were able to touch real crabs and fish in the water, and we saw really big fish in the fish tanks. I got a toy shark at the gift shop.

Next we went to the beach! I had a lot of fun with the water and sand getting into my toes! The water was going back into the ocean and then rising back up onto the beach. I played in the sand and picked up some shells.


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