Fall Fun!

This fall our family had a fun trip to St. Louis! After the trip we came home and went trick or treating in my fire man costume!

Before our trip my dad and me built a fire truck at Lowes, and we went to the corn maze with my cub scout pack!


In St. Louis we went to see the big arch!


At the arch we saw a Burlington Northern Sante Fe freight train carrying a lot of coal cars. It went right by me!


After visiting the arch, we saw some more trains at the transportation museum.


We visited with Nana, and I got to poke at the fire at Mary and Lovell's house.


After our trip to St. Louis we got to go trick or treating in my fire man costume. I looked like a REAL fire man!

After eating all that candy, I went for a checkup at the dentist. I got sealant on my teeth, and had NO CAVITIES!


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